RE: Timesaver

#1 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 29.09.2014 10:06

My old layout " Bayland" unfortunately is now scrap. The room was needed, so it had to go.
Bayland is now in memories and in photographs;

There was a lot of left overs from Bayland so I decided to put them in good use by constructing a small layout, but I also wanted to do a lot of shunting in less space. John Allens famous "Timesaver" layout came to my mind and decided to do it.

Timesaver, is basically a shunting puzzle with strict rules. More;

.....and try to solve this;

The plan basically looks like this:

It is 2 meters x 35 cms in length.Its not the same but a clone of timesaver, my version of it.

Started of by laying the tracks,first the turnouts;

then the flexi rails;

The point motors and track bus;

rails painted and constructed a mini control panel;

I then added bits and pieces that I salvaged from Bayland;

Did not forget the electrification too

added 2 fold up legs so that I can carry it any where I want, even to friends, where we can play a game of time saver;

I am currently at the stage of ballasting.

Best rgds



RE: Timesaver

#2 von steve1964 , 29.09.2014 10:21

Tag Berkut
Bayland is very realistic detailled ,

all the best success for the following layout ! We wait for other pictures .


Ich baue, also bin ich.

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RE: Timesaver

#3 von BR 70 083 , 29.09.2014 11:30

Hi Erkut,

I like this timesaver layout by John Allen! Here you can do lots of switching at a small place. It´s very interesting.
I´ve got a similar US-layout and I like to switch the freight cars.

Best regards

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RE: Timesaver

#4 von AndreasE_GRM , 29.09.2014 13:45

Hi Erkut,

it seems to me as if you do a really good job building this Timesaver-layout. I wait for more pictures! If you detail it like your old layout I´m sure it will be great.
Isn`t it a problem to do the shunting under the electric wires? I´ve started to build my own timesaver (tracks are laid, scenery will follow) and I´m glad to have no wires above the couplers



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RE: Timesaver

#5 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 30.09.2014 08:53

Hello Andreas,

Yes you are right. However I bought the Viessmann catenarys ages ago before constructing Bayland. I was planing using them on it. I then decided that the layout should represent the steam era and abandoned the project.I had these at hand so just wired the mainline on the timesaver just to see some of my electric loco's on stage once in a while.

I am using 3 shunters; The V60,V100 and the V65 sometimes BR55.

I am at the stage of ballasting then will move on to the scenics which I shall post photos as I go along.

for the ones interested, Bayland;


best rgds


RE: Timesaver

#6 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 03.10.2014 10:07

Ballasting is partly finished, I will do the final weathering and touches at the end;

the old residents of Bayland and payloads added to one of the loading platform;

Trackside accessories added:

...and the single loco shed;



RE: Timesaver

#7 von Grisubilly , 03.10.2014 11:30

Hello Erkut!

Your Timesaver is very nice, I like your designing! You have created a great atmosphere.

I'm building also a shunting puzzle(Inglenook Sidings) - so it's always interesting to see another one...

I would like to see more pictures of your progress!

Best regards,

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RE: Timesaver

#8 von Harald , 03.10.2014 15:12

Great job

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RE: Timesaver

#9 von Stahlbahn ( gelöscht ) , 03.10.2014 15:45

Hello Erkut,

long time no see. Great to read news from you!

Regards, Frank


RE: Timesaver

#10 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 04.10.2014 10:05

Hello Frank,
Yes indeed it has been a long time. Lots of things unpleasent happened in between not modelrail related. Overcomed them and now back in business, but at a small scale that will keep me busy for a while.
Abd is busy with "Maden". If everything goes as planned we wish to be at Ontraxs 2016.

best rgds


RE: Timesaver

#11 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 09.10.2014 19:18

I've divided the layout into segments when doing the scenics. All segment to its own with a different theme.

First segment is the coal loading area;

...and the accessories;



RE: Timesaver

#12 von ebaykal ( gelöscht ) , 17.02.2015 15:26

Its been a while I haven't updated.

Done more scenics;

Cabin constructed for trackside workers;

Planted trees to the rear of loading depot;

unfinished part yet to be done;





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