RE: CS2 3.8.1 with TFP 2.93 downgrade to TFP 2.43

#1 von railfun ( gelöscht ) , 15.12.2014 17:22

Hi all,

My problem started on Saturday, when I try to operate a new loco with my updated version of CS2 at 3.8.1 with TFP 2.93. Unfortunately after several tries, mfx doesn't work around, not even when I give direct address to use it manual. Then I decide to check again online for any new update, and I discover that the TFP was downgraded back to 2.43 and I prompted to do the update (downgrade).
I press yes, and for about 45min, the progress toolbar was at 0%, no progress at all. I decide to stop it, because it was obvious that something was wrong.
Disaster , after the reboot of cs2, I receive the message "There is no Track format processor available. you cannot run locomotives and control solenoid accessories with this unit." I try again to update online, nothing happened at all.
I turn off my CS2 and start it again, WOW !!! now I had a new message on my screen, saying "TFP with Uid 4354od82 has version 2.93, do you want to initiate an update to version 2.43 ? ", of course I press YES... and I wait.. and wait and waiting, no movement of progress bar 0% for an hour. Turn off again.
I think "lets try another way", lets downgrade to 3.7.0 from USB stick, and then try again to upgrade to 3.8.1 with downgraded TFP. Unfortunately after 2 times of downgrade to 3.7 and upgrade to 3.8.1 the problem remains the same. Actually last time I let it to upgrade the TFP for all night, today morning it was at 0% the upgrade of TFP. I'm really sad with it, Christmas are around the corner, my nephews want to come and "play" with trains, and I'm without my CS2. Really sad situation

I talk to M Service, and they say I have to send my CS2 there to recover the problem, but I will have it back after new years eve. So, I'm here to tell you my story, and if anyone have any idea of how can I recover my CS2 alone, I'll appreciate twice. Otherwise in the next few days I'll send to M.

Thank you all for reading me, and I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes.



RE: CS2 3.8.1 with TFP 2.93 downgrade to TFP 2.43

#2 von Andreas85 , 15.12.2014 18:26

Hello Dimitris,

I would try to update the GFP again. You can do this by:

Start your CS2 (dont´ say yes to Update the GFP)
After a while calibrate your screen
After calibrating the CS2 will ask again to update the GFP. Then say yes.

(hope this is helpfull)

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RE: CS2 3.8.1 with TFP 2.93 downgrade to TFP 2.43

#3 von railfun ( gelöscht ) , 15.12.2014 20:01

Thank you Andreas,

I try it as you said. The steps I follow was these :
1. turn on CS2,
2. I press No at the message of updating TFP
3. After the NO, I receive the warning message for NO TFP available
4. I make calibration
5. At the end of calibration I receive again the warning message for no TFP available.
6. I reboot, this time I receive only the warning
7. I calibrate again
8. Again the Warning message appears, without the one to update the TFP.

I have to mention that CS2 response different when it is turned on from starting over from reboot.
When it is turned on, first appear the message about updating TFP.
when it comes on from reboot, it displays only the warning message No TFP available.

I try also to press Yes while it displays the progress Bar, I calibrate the screen. At the end of calibration it asks again to update the TFP, but no luck at all.

The Warning Message

The Update TFP Message

The 0% progress Bar


RE: CS2 3.8.1 with TFP 2.93 downgrade to TFP 2.43

#4 von railfun ( gelöscht ) , 18.12.2014 01:06

Today I sent my CS2 for Service in Maerklin, I hope to find the problem and restore it.

Could someone to guide me in a topic, where I can introduce myself ?

Thank you



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