RE: Modified Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoders are availab

#1 von RudyB , 25.01.2015 14:17

Modified Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoders are available.

Download available via this link

As always ... use at your own risk.

Link to blog post.

The Arduino DCC Servo Decoder has been 'streamlined'. It now only contains an 'on / off' output function that goes along with a servo. No more flasher and no more analog output. Also the servo angle control code has been simplified. This was all done to make the code lighter and easier to oversee and to configure.

To tune the servo min and max angles, separate Arduino DCC Servo Tune software is included in the download. Find the correct angles using this tuning software, then write those values in the decoder code. I know ... I should include tuning in the decoder software ... consider that w.i.p..

Then, there now is a separate multi-mode Arduino DCC Function Decoder.
It has max 16 digital outputs, max 6 of which can also be used analog (pwm).
The outputs have 3 different modes of operation:
mode 0: continuous on / off
mode 1: one shot with specified pulse length in ms
mode 2: flasher with separate specified 'on' and 'off' times in ms

Furthermore an Arduino DCC Solenoid Decoder is in development. This can switch dual coil solenoid junctions that need two separate signals. When a DCC address is switched on, a pulse of specified time in ms is given on an output pin. When the address is switched off, a second pulse is given on another output pin. This software is under test now.

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RE: Modified Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoders are availab

#2 von PaSchu ( gelöscht ) , 25.01.2015 17:51

great job... thx


RE: Modified Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoders are availab

#3 von xflow79 , 28.01.2015 19:39

Hi Rudy!

Great thing, I'll test this as soon as possible.
I've been following your blog for a while and "borrowed" some of your code for my own arduino-dcc-testing (which should end up in a servo decoder with frog polarity switch and led signalisation for a switchboard) It is easier to understand than geoffb's project

Thanks for sharing this information!

Met hartelijke groeten,

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