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Since I wanted the power station for my upcoming modular layout to be able to run either analog or digital trains at different times without having to pull cables each time a decision is made I was thinking to wire a switch to select between the Uhlenbrock station and Marklin transformer. Both would always be alive at the same time but at least only one would even get access to the track itself.

So I was thinking to pick a slide or toggle switch with double pole double throw circuit rated for at least two or three amperes minimum and mount it elevated behind the two power sources in a way that setting it to left would choose the digital one while setting it to right would choose the analog one. And of course I'll have to check the datasheet to be certain its a switch that would break contact before making next contact so the two stations' outputs will never electrode each others.

I only thought of two amperes minimum because that would be as much as two or three locomotive motors and many train lights would ever draw all at once plus a small extra margin for safety. Only two small or medium trains would ever be in motion at any time given how small the actual layout itself is.

Any criticism on my well thought opinion?

Oh and I should mention that the reason for both power stations being active is because there would be a separate digital bus for non-train purposes so one could still digitally throw the turnout while running analog trains. Not sure if I am the only one with a less common setup like that but there you go?

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