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RE: Brawa, Märklin, Piko, Roco? Talent oder Lint? Erfahrungen AC

 von Marius in Afrika , 25.11.2013 16:37

Hello Robo

You will most likely have to us the models of various manufacturers to get a decent amount of rail cars; as normal they all manufacturer only a small range of rail car sets.

In my collection I have Brawa, Marklin and Hag. I like them all and they do believe they are all good quality. The external finish good, detail varies but all are at least good and spare parts are available. I find rail cars very easy to repair and service.

From Brawa I have two Talent sets, (44055 & 44029) both good. As you mentioned you have to modify the turn out lanterns on your layout! Running smoothly and speed character is good. Brawa does not supply passengers so you will have to add these yourself. Plastic bodies with metal chassis. Price of the Brawa product is a higher than Marklin but still affordable for the “middle class” citizen. Using ESU decoders you can control them easily, even with Marklin controllers. Value for money: 3/5. I will buy Brawa rail cars again.

From Marklin I have the ICE 3 (37783) and the Bavarian regional unit (37733). Typical Marklin they both run smoothly and no problem on C-track. Also no passenger as standard but easy to fit yourself. As Brawa metal chassis and plastic bodies. Value for money 3.5/5. I will buy Marklin rail cars again.

From HAG I have only the Theatre St. Gallen (34010-32). This unit is fitted with a metal body and run without any problems on Marklin C-track. Passengers are supplied as standard. The chassis is also in metal. Value for money 0.5/5. I will most likely not buy HAG again, they are simple too expensive for the average hobby model rail roader!



Marius in Afrika

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