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RE: Bosnian Federal Railways (ZFBH). in HO

 von meh362 , 05.08.2014 16:46

hello after a short vacation spent in the beautiful resort town of Neum on the Dalmatian coast in the Republic of Bosnia and Ercegovina I was able to see the railtways of this state into the station Caplina a composition consisting of only three passengers coach Bosnian Federal Railways (ZFBH). These two former Swedish cars (SJ) class A (50 44 19-26 014-7) and as a restaurant type type AB (51 44 39-10 003-3) ex-DB Halberstadter driven by locomotive Bosnian ZFBH 441 903. At this point, to remain in a railway theme, it is good to leave out the in-depth description of Sarajevo and the destinations reached by foot or by taxi, however, it must be said that the capital is beautiful, an assortment (actually harmonious) of styles, periods and cultures that can not fail to arouse emotion station in Sarajevo (massive building, architecture socialist, not bad but not visibly used and the air a bit 'spooky is the terminus of the tram, and adjacent to, the bus station. here I found instead a regional formed by two ex-DB Halberstadter carriages pulled by the usual electric locomotive series 441 903 ZFBH-up here to the railways a view to Bosnian Federal Railways (ZFBH) in HO ' "formed by a regional with my model of electric locomotive of railways ZFBH Bosnian class from class 441 441-9 renewed -0 restarted similar to Croatian 1141.3 hz class. The work was carried out by the real company Koncar in 2008 zagreb-croatia-my model handmade reconstructed on the basis of the model of Fleischmann obb 1043 - Modelpassenger car class ZFBH)class-abl- the models are handmade and reconstructed by 'friend zeljko sesteric-

THE vIDEOs reals of station capljna-sarajevo-
Eisenbahnseite von Luka
auf meiner Homepage alle Zug-Liebhaber und Enthusiasten. Mein Name ist Luca und meine
Interessen sind Züge, besonder alle slowenischen Lokomotiven und Züge die
laufen in Kroatien rund um Bahnhof Rijeka, und
von Grenze zu Slowenien nach Rijeka in Kroatien, weil auf dieser Strecke laufen
Lokomotiven sind baugleichl mit einigen slowenischen Elektro und Diesel
Lokomotiven. In meiner Sammlung habe ich auch viele slowenische
DMU und EMU die sind alle hausgemacht.
BYE meh362

My name is luca this is my layout my collections of model ho is dedicate to locomotive and coach handmade of slovenian,croatian and another balkans state

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RE: Bosnian Federal Railways (ZFBH). in HO meh362 05.08.2014

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